Day 18: Watching Thoughts Float Away

I’m not the greatest at letting thoughts go. In fact, as I was getting settled in my home office to sit down for today’s meditation I was thinking about an article I just finished writing and the spring break travel plans I haven’t started on and whether or not I would make it to the beach in time for sunset and how quickly I could throw dinner together. When I tried to push one thought away, the next jumped in and yelled, “My turn! Pay attention to me!”

But today’s meditation on working with thoughts as they arise and not letting them hijack my mind reminded me how visualization can help quiet my brain. Sharon talked me through visualizing my thoughts floating away like clouds in the sky or sailing away like boats on a river.  By the time I opened my eyes, those thoughts really had floated away and I felt a little less overwhelmed by my mental to-do list.

May all beings be happy ♡