Day 18

I’m grateful to not have to rush to do this meditation today.

Thoughts are subtle and sometimes I have a hard time being aware when I am lost in them. Today I noticed that my mind went to thinking about schoolwork again. I had just completed my work. I felt a pressure to do more and thought about how I would complete the next assignment. It has become a pattern of thought for me. I liked the idea of viewing the thoughts like boats or storm clouds but I couldn’t seem to relate to them in that way. I think in another practice session I will try again to see if it helps. I did bring my awareness back to breath and let the thoughts go.

Another thought I had is one of guilt for having caffeine since I am trying to stop the habit. Many of my thoughts seem to be about being hard on myself for not doing enough. When the thought came up about having had caffeine today, I remembered it is just passing through. I usually want to stop my thoughts though because they are uncomfortable. The patterns are persistent. How can I sit with them and let them pass through?