Day 19: “And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.”

I find that I am not ready to open my eyes at the end of these meditations.  I am so connected to Sharon’s guidance that it’s too pleasant to want to leave the session!

I feel encouraged  by learning to mindfully process thoughts, observing  feelings and emotions that arise during our meditations.

There is less cause for emotional burden  by becoming skilled at meeting difficult emotions halfway.  Curiosity and acceptance of them is a way to heal.  It definitely is more loving and kind to myself.

I do find that those add ons such as a attachment to resentment via à vis unresolved anger, or disappointment to outcomes, can possibly be resolved overtime as I change my relationship to the thoughts.

They can be less a part of me and more of themselves.  That’s a kind of freedom to look forward to having!  More mental space to fill it with good things!


May all beings be happy ♡