Day 2 • Hearing Meditation

In today’s meditation, Sharon said “Simply notice that sound arises, we have a certain response to it, and there’s a little space in between those two.” In my experience, that space is where creativity, responsibility, and high-quality leadership arise.

When we become aware of that space, we begin to strengthen our ability to respond to whatever preceded that space. The longer we can “Be” in that space – without interpreting, evaluating, or labeling – the greater our capacity to consciously, compassionately dismantle limited conditioned reactions and instead choose a high-quality response.

The ability to act instead of react in situations opens us up to more gracious behavior, and empowers us to effectively make whatever changes need to be made. When we reclaim that power, we can diffuse difficult situations, we can modify our harmfully indulgent behaviors, and we begin to find a new deeper level of trust for ourselves in this world.

We are then free to love difficult situations as much as we love the lovable ones because they no longer threaten us, and those responsible actions of love are far more powerful than any reaction of fear.

Sharon prompted us to “Stay open for the appearance of the next sound. Reflect on the difference you experienced between…following out after a sound and simply being with it.”

As you go through your day today, find moments to practice “hearing” without interpreting, evaluating, or reacting.

What feels significant to you about this “Hearing” meditation?

May all beings be happy ♡