Day 2 – Hearing Meditation

“We don’t meditate to get better at meditating, we meditate to get better at life.”

I love that this quote is attached to the “Hearing Meditation.”

I absolutely cannot abide white noise.  I blame this aversion on the fact that I am a singer.  I try to “make sense” of white noise, assign it pitches, patterns, even a melody.

Of course, the whole point of white noise machines – and why many people swear by them to help them sleep – is that it’s noise that you cannot make sense of.

Anyway; as luck would have it, about six years ago I moved into an apartment where my bedroom is next to the kitchen, and where the kitchen contains a very ancient and very noisy refrigerator.  Instant white noise all night long – and instant insomnia for me – I swear, I didn’t sleep a wink the first TWO WEEKS I lived here!

I got used to the refrigerator and it’s white noise – sort of – eventually – but it was my refrigerator and it’s noise I was focusing on during the meditation today – listening to it, not judging it, certainly not trying to hold onto it, but not trying to push it away, either.

If I had had the wherewithal to do this six years ago, maybe, just maybe, I could have saved myself two weeks of insomnia.

Meditation.  Helping us get better at life.