Day 2: On the Mat

I moved to the mat today. Before meditating, I practiced a restorative yoga class for hip opening. This felt like the perfect lead into the practice. Today’s focus on concentration through sound felt much better for me than the focus on the breathe. I found myself continuing to come back to my breathe but I didn’t feel that sense of suffocation. As Sharon recounted her story of about the train, I heard the sound an airplane fly overhead. Instead of being annoyed or distracted by the sound I felt this feeling of happiness warm my body. The sounds that continued after that, the heat turn off and on, the walls cracking, my own breathe and heartbeat. It was incredibly comforting and peaceful. This will definitely be a tool I continue to use in my practice.

I ordered a meditation cushion this morning. Excited to put it to use 🙂

Off to make sticky buns that I may or may not have dreamed of during my meditation… Oops!

May all beings be happy ♡