Day 2: The Sounds Around Us

Today’s hearing meditation reminded me that there will always be noise. But that noise, or the everyday sounds around me, can be turned into a practice in mindfulness and concentration instead of a pesky distraction.

My meditation today came first thing in the morning. I was surrounded by mostly quiet except for the sounds of the heat blasting around me and the gentle thump of clothes in the dryer. Instead of letting the sound of the heat lead me down a thought path about how cold it is outside, or allowing the sound of the dryer remind me how much laundry I have to catch up on today, I simply noticed the sounds and stayed in the present moment.

The hearing meditation came in handy later in the morning in my crowded hot vinyasa class. I noticed the sound of other yogis breathing in a pattern different than my own, the sound of a beeping truck backing up outside the building, the sound of the next class of yogis talking to each other in the lobby.  I noticed those sounds and let them go, returning to my present moment of downward dog or mountain pose or shavasana.

May all beings be happy ♡