Day 20 – My Anger isn’t just Anger and I’m really happy about it!

Anger. It’s my biggest challenge. And I’m talking big anger. Anger that builds up and then explodes in rage.  Sharon changed things for me today. Anger is not just anger.  It’s made up of so many other emotions.  I thought about my most recent moment of anger and realized that she was right. I was angry right in the middle – in the moment. Building up to that moment, however, I was frustrated.  I was annoyed.  I was helpless and at a loss for a solution to my situation.  Then the anger.  Then, the regret, the shame, the sadness, feelings that I could never change.  What I thought was just anger is so much more complex.  Looking at each feeling in the moment might help me recognize the buildup before the rage can show up. That way all of the post “anger” emotions might not have to visit either.