Day 21: Landscape of Experience

I feel like today was the first time during this third week of the challenge that I was fully in the meditation for the entire duration. My mind wasn’t wandering as much, and when it did baby step away from the meditation, I was easily able to let the thoughts go and return to my breath.

This could mean that I chose a better time of day to meditate, that I didn’t squeeze it in when I should have waited for a larger chunk of free time. For sitting meditations like today, I have to choose my time slot wisely if I want to get as much out of it as possible.

I’m also finding myself remembering more and more throughout the day to be mindful. I’m noticing things like the smell of my shampoo in the shower, the softness of my dog’s fur when I pet him, every ounce of richness of the daily piece of chocolate I treat myself to. I’m thrilled that meditation and mindfulness are a part of my daily routine again.

May all beings be happy ♡