Day 23-Walking in the Rain

I forgot to write my blog yesterday. But, I did do the meditation. I feel like I’ve failed somehow in not writing the blog every day. I guess I need to go a little easier on myself.

The walking meditation today was unusual. It was cold and rainy outside and I resisted going out. But, I put on my coat and hood and went out, listening to the meditation as I walked. I live in a neighborhood but it wasn’t busy because of the rain. I wondered if I would see anyone. I saw my neighbor and her daughter. I wished them well by repeating the loving kindness phrases. I do this type of practice when I go out, but never on a walk. I only saw two people, but a few cars went by too. I repeated the meditative words for them. Inside, I encountered my daughter and practiced with her and then my husband. It’s nice to know I can be on the move and still staying centered in meditative awareness.