Day 24 • Opening the Heart

“The moment that we recognize we’ve been distracted is like the magic moment in the practice. Because this is the time we have the chance to be really different.” Sharon Salzberg

It is important to recognize that what we do after we become aware of having been distracted may be important, but it is of secondary importance. The primary point of these practices is to build the habit of becoming aware.

As a friend of mine pointed out yesterday, we expand our view when we open our heart. The moment we slip out of our story and become the awareness of the story, our hearts open and our views expand. We are no longer completely identified with the story, and instead we are the space in which the story is unfolding.

This is a crucible of creativity. This is the moment where we can consciously choose rather than compulsively react. Building a habit of these “magic moments” puts us on a path of conscious evolution, where we can actively commit again and again to living into our best self. In that process, we invariably help everyone around us do the same.

As a Whole-Life Leader, what does opening the heart make possible for you?

May all beings be happy ♡