Day 24-Softer and Gentler

I needed more loving kindness meditation in my life! The practice was soft today. Sometimes when I realize I have lost focus on my breath, I quickly and forcefully try to bring my attention back to the focal point. It’s not done in a very loving way. This loving kindness practice is woven through the meditation as Sharon says. It can be used during practice in many ways. I’m aware of how often I acting in a way that is not coming from a place of compassion.

As I began the meditation, I felt warmth in the body. Love immediately rose in my heart at the thought of being in the circle of love. I pictured the most positive, loving and inspirational people I could think of to be in the circle. I envisioned Barack and Michelle Obama, my Mom, a kind teacher, a best friend. It was nice to be in this circle. Somehow just the vision of the circle caused love to rise up through my heart and into the body. I repeated the phrases “May I be happy and healthy, may I be kind and compassionate, may I be relaxed and at ease, may I be safe.” As I continued the practice of focusing on the breath after Sharon ended the meditation, I noticed I was softer and gentler with myself. Loving kindness meditation is wonderful and I love the practice.