Day 25 • Lovingkindness Toward Others

It is easy to love someone when they are loveable. As Whole-Life Leaders, the far greater opportunity for us is to learn to genuinely value and appreciate those who are, at times, unloveable.

Every relationship has the capacity to show us more deeply to ourselves IF we are willing to open to the lesson we have to learn. And the difficult people we encounter are masters at showing us the aspects of ourselves where we have the greatest opportunity to grow.

Think for a moment about someone in your life who triggered some harsh feelings in you, whether they are someone you feel you know very well or someone you only met once or twice.

Now ask yourself: Is it possible they act that way because in their life they have felt deeply unseen, unheard, and misunderstood? Is it possible that they developed this personality trait as a strategy to try and protect themselves from that very lonely feeling?

Now ask yourself: Is it possible that the reason you experience them as difficult is because you feel they do not see, hear, or understand you? What aspect of yourself are you able to see and heal as a result of their difficult behavior?

These are more than just questions; they have the power to transform the energy within and around us. They soften our gaze, open our hearts, and allow us to connect at a very human level.

May all beings be happy ♡