Day 26 • Lovingkindness Toward All Beings

Perceive, interpret, evaluate, label, classify, categorize, rank.

Then decide: Seek, avoid. Mine, not mine. Include, dismiss. Love, hate.

Our brains and bodies evolved to perform these behaviors almost reflexively. Even single celled organisms demonstrate basic preference/aversion behavior. At a very foundational level, these behaviors are essential for our very survival.

But as Whole-Life Leaders, we are committed to more than just survival.

This lens, this way of looking at the world, helped us to get where we are. And that is rather incredible when you stop to think about it. But it is this very same lens that now stands in the way of our next evolution.

Changing what we focus on only gets us so far. Our next evolution invites us to consciously change how we focus. To take life to the next level, we need a different lens through which we perceive and interpret this experience of life.

Sharon pointed out that this meditation exercise “works to gently dissolve our reluctance to include”. Seeing and experiencing the “wholeness” of life activates a synergistic effect that launches us into a completely new mindset.

What might this world become if more people led from this enlightened mindset?

May all beings be happy ♡