Day 27 – Nearing a Completion of Committment to Myself and our temporary Sangha!

27 days of committment. A challenge and a joy – restarting a couple of times, but mainly hanging in there. Finishing up our 6th February in Florida. Grateful that we can be here – loving seeing and being with our friends, our son and his girlfriend. Had wonderful meals – big laughs – mixed with sadness and loss – horror at the political process – yet also big laughs at that as well.

Physically I continue to improve gradually. Swimming has been a real blessing – weightless in the pool and able to flutterkick – then wading to the edge and feeling the limp return – happy with the progress – impatient and wanting more – accepting that it’s a long slow process. Played 40 holes of golf – hit great drives – enjoyed – no more pain than prior to surgery. Accepting limitations – accepting limitations – embracing limitations (that’s the goal) it’s what is!

Emotionally very stable and consistent – resentments have been fading away – loving caring and compassion have been increasing – less reactive – more willing to observe – knowing that things are impermanent – temporary – constantly changing is very grounding…..Sadness about losses mixes with happiness and joy for friends, children, it’s a good time….

Spiritually – grateful, aware of the passage of time, aware of the present moment, not stuck in the past at all. Feeling a deeper sense of connection to all beings – yet realizing my smallness and separateness as well.
Thanks to Sharon Salzberg, all the wonderful Insight Meditation Teachers – Sylvia Boorstein, Jack Kornfield, Sandra Weinberg, Ram Dass and to the Theravadan Bhuddhists – Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Sumehdo, and Ajahn Chah who have moved and shaped my thinking and view of the world over the last 11 years.

Our vacation is ending – heading back to CT from Naples FL on Monday – Auto-train and driving. Planning on returning for 6 weeks next February/March. Gladly waiting to participate in next year’s challenge, and to maintain my practice over this year. Love to all – Thanks to Sharon, Lily and the team…..

Metta to all – and to all a goodnight!!!!

May all beings be happy ♡