Day 28-Last Day!

Well, today is the last day of the course and I did it. I noticed there were a few days that I didn’t write the blog but I think I meditated every day. I’m glad Sharon talked about continuing the practice. I don’t have a hard time sitting. But, I do struggle with bringing the practice into daily life. I now have many options for doing that such as the meditation on drinking tea or walking out in a public place. I liked dedicating the practice to others today. Not only am I helping myself by meditating but the practice touches others in ways known and unforeseen.

I think of all the people in my life that I encounter daily: my husband, daughter, fellow students, parents, teachers, professors, store clerks, doctors, and a homeless person on the street. This is an effort of generosity and compassion. This loving kindness/concentration practice  is like a ripple on water, reaching to far corners of this world. I am grateful to Sharon for the generosity and inspiration she offers. Thank you to all the students who devoted time each day to being part of this community. May you be healthy and happy. May you be kind and compassionate. May you be relaxed and at ease. May you be safe.