Day 28

Day 28 – The End – 02/28/2020 6:00 am.  This time has seemed to pass so quickly.  Thank you, Sharon, for the invitation to practice together.  It’s odd to have felt community by just knowing others are participating each day. This past week of practice has been especially helpful to me in challenging political times.  Previously I have been either unable or unwilling to extend loving kindness to a specific individual.  Now I’m getting there as I consider his possible motivating fear, hurt, anger.  This is a huge step for me because I was not willing to be anything but appalled and disgusted.  When I have something to say that will be hard for another to hear, my practice is to look at myself and know the energy behind/within me.  Then, if the energy is anger or hurt, I wait until this passes before sharing the words.  The words will be the same, but the energy behind them will have shifted. This is powerful practice.  This week has helped if not totally remove, at least shifted, the big, big, big block to my compassion. Thank you. I want to continue!  It is good to know so many are sitting in meditation at some point in time during each day.  As I move forward I carry you in my heart and will continue to practice each day with you, my other teachers, and the countless beings of the universe.  I am so grateful.  With great love and great gratitude, VJJ