Day 3: Mental Noting

Another technique of mindfulness meditation is mental noting. Practicing by adding a word while concentrating on the breath to help with clarity and guiding your thoughts back to the present moment, your breath and just being. Mental noting can also help when thoughts come into play, just noting the thoughts and gently letting them go.

I found it useful this morning to follow Sharon’s guidance and pick a word to say internally along with my in-breath and out-breath. It guided my thoughts back to the breath and just noting the word and how it pertains to the present moment, my mindfulness and current state of feeling.

Mental noting takes us back to just acknowledging thoughts, note them, and let them just be. I find that just letting them be and not getting caught up in them causes them to just quietly and gently drift away like a cloud in the sky.

I’m enjoying these short, guided meditations and their brief, focused single concepts. It’s a great starting point into deeper practice. I sometimes follow them up with another short, timed meditation without guidance. I use the app Insight Timer but you could also just use a simple stop watch or timer app on your phone. Or simply just use a clock or not even have a set amount of time. Even brief, 1-2 minute long meditations can be calming, clarifying and helpful.

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