Day 4: changing the focal point of the breath

I usually focus my attention on the breath in my abdomen. Today, when Sharon mentioned the possibility of following the breath in the nostrils I decided to give it a try. It changed my practice just enough to make me feel re-energized and I felt like I had rebooted. The mental noting and counting helped me to focus time and again. I liked having something new to do instead of just trying to focus on the breath. Partway through I did let go of the mental noting “in” and the counting and just concentrated on breathing. I wonder if that is okay? Also, is it a good idea to do mental noting “in” and counting daily for a period of time or can I just do that sometimes, like when I feel especially distracted?

I really related to what Sharon wrote about how we can feel fragmented and uncentered. I feel fragmented, disconnected and uncentered a lot and it’s something I try to change and worry about. Sometimes it feels so hard. I just want to change it. Meditation reminds me to just be with it and soften a little. Let go of judgment.