Day 4: Counting

Counting during breath meditation is a very effective method for staying in the present. When starting out on a path of meditation, it can be very helpful to count breaths from one to ten and then starting back at one. And when you find you’ve drifted into thought, just start back at one again. It keeps you focused on the simple act of breathing, which in itself keeps you in the present moment.

I’d almost forgotten about counting and how powerful and helpful it is in my meditation practice. It really keeps me balanced and present in my practice and it helped me very early on in my journey of mindfulness  meditation.

I am really enjoying how Sharon’s 28-Day Real Happiness Meditation Challenge is bringing me back to my ‘roots’ of my practice when I first began learning meditation. It’s so helpful to start back at the beginning and be reminded of all the wonderful tools to help with staying on a regular practice. I hope everyone who is participating in this program is seeing how beneficial it is!

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May all beings be happy ♡