Day 6 • Meditation on Balance

I was in the kitchen one day leaning against the oven, looking out the window to the birch trees that lined our back yard. It was a cloudy day, with heavy, gusting winds. I saw a robin sitting on a branch of a birch tree, and as the wind blew, the tree swayed back and forth. The robin kept rebalancing itself and bracing itself against the wind. At one point the robin seemed like it had gotten a good footing against one gust of wind when an even stronger one followed up and pushed the branch even more. This caused the robin to flap it’s wings, but it stayed put on the tree.

I asked silently: Why did the bird stay on the tree? Silently answered. I realized in that moment that when the bird felt unbalanced, it made adjustments but never got deterred from what it was doing. It wasn’t resisting the fact that it was windy: it was becoming one with the wind and the tree. It was doing what it needed to do, while at the same time allowing the wind and the tree to do what they needed to do.

From that experience, I learned that balance is not something to be achieved and then checked off your list as an accomplishment. It is not something you can quantify, and is not the same for everyone. You won’t find balance by assigning a point value to activities and making sure the “have to do’s” equal the “want to do’s”.

Balance has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with how you do what you do.

Life is always adding or taking away, and we must learn to constantly adapt and adjust seamlessly in order to accomplish what it is that we set out to do, even if what we set out to do is just sit quietly in a tree on a gusty day.

Can you recall a time when you felt unusually balanced in the midst of chaos?

May all beings be happy ♡