Day 6 – Feeling accomplished and grateful

It is really gratifying to me that I have managed to keep up with each day of the challenge so far. The second day I got only part of the way through, so I did Day 2 and Day 3 meditations together on Day 3.

As I followed Sharon’s instructions today, I was able to feel grounded. I felt like I was in the right place. I don’t think I could have done this nearly as well even 5 years ago. Certainly not 10. Are decades of suffering required to get to this place? Honestly, I wish I hadn’t gone through all the hell I’ve been through, but knowing that I can use what I know now to help others who are suffering emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically is also very gratifying. If I can save anyone just a little bit of suffering I will have fulfilled my potential in this life.

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