Day 6 – Finding the Balance

Confession: I began listening to today’s meditation while I was still in bed. It was comfy and cozy, and I thought, “Why not?” Very quickly, I realized why not and went to the cushion.

It’s hard to find the sweet spot when I’m meditating–that spot where I’m highly alert yet not thinking. When I lie in bed, I’m often not thinking, but it’s not because I’m highly alert; it’s because I’m relaxing so much that thoughts don’t arise. (And I’m an overthinker!)

Sitting upright does help me bring energy to the practice, and it also helps me focus on the spot between my eyebrows (which, for some reason, always helps my meditation). In the summer, I often meditate outdoors, but this time of year…not so much (AND it’s a lot more tempting to meditate between flannel sheets).

Walking has long been my ‘energy equalizer’–if I’m agitated, it helps me calm down; if I’m feeling lethargic, it energizes me. I hadn’t thought of meditation the same way. I think of it more as a grounding practice that keeps my inner peace strong. But I can see how it also can help me wake up (literally, as in “in the morning” not just spiritually).

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May all beings be happy ♡