Day 7 • Distraction Meditation

As Whole-Life Leaders, we have chosen to navigate our vast landscape of responsibilities with integrity, curiosity, compassion, and discernment (among other qualities). Throughout our day, we are naturally at the center of many high-impact decision points in all aspects of our lives.

An established meditation habit helps us accomplish our goals, maintain good relationships, and honor our own needs in the process. This week, Sharon guided us through meditation practices designed to help us deepen our concentration. As she offered on day 2: “We don’t meditate to get better at meditating. We meditate to get better at life.”

As Whole-Life Leaders, we are the calm eye at the center of life’s storms, the stoic moon that influences ocean tides, and the selfless sun unwaveringly and unconditionally sharing its life-giving light. A solid meditation practice helps us be all those things and so much more.

I appreciated Sharon’s question today, and would love to hear from you: “What was especially interesting or surprising for you these past seven days?”

May all beings be happy ♡