Day 7 Distraction Meditation 2020

Today was perfect. I listened to Sharon’s voice and was able to breath, focus on breath, which rarely happens.

I first noticed that held my breath while driving at least 15 years ago. Not a pass out kind of hold. I just wasn’t breathing. I don’t know when it actually started but in that moment I thought, “It hasn’t always been like this. As a child I breathed in and out.”

As a child you say? Hmmm. Why did you stop listening to her? I don’t know. I think perhaps I just started listening to others a little more every day.

Today was the first day I said hello to her again, gave her a big hug and invited her to sit on my cushion with me.

She’ll be with me tomorrow and through out the rest of this practice. I’ll be mindful to invite her to come with me more often. I miss her.

Leave today better than you found it.xo