Day 8 Off the Cushion 2020

I love that title…off the cushion. To me, it means applying what I’ve learned all week to the now.

I tried to do Day 7 over again and was so distracted.

The first time I did Day 7, it was a breeze. It was a pleasantly surprise because my mind is a bingo ball… a butterfly…even a squirrel.

Today was a typical day with my internal distractions. I listened to Sharon and would pause the recording to jot down the nattering in my brain on paper. Those voices needed to be heard, acknowledged somehow or they’d keep talking

Look up floor grates (not that I’m ordering them right away)…unpause

…pause, make sure I eat what I cooked yesterday or it will spoil…unpause
…pause, play with the dog instead of a tv workout (he needs exercise too and it’s sunny outside…

as so it went. I felt at peace because of today’s meditation, these things that I wrote down will get done. They will say thank you and good bye, grateful that they were finally heard, finally.

The bingo ball will slow down a little today. The butterfly will rest and open their wings slow enough to see the beautiful patterns and colours. The squirrel may or may not stop to eat. That’s just a squirrel.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Sharon and this meditation and all I can do is take a breath and an acknowledging smile.

Leave today better than yesterday.xo