Day 8- Walking Meditation

Today is Day 9 and this is my Day 8 post. I’m practicing some self-compassion about that. Life happens. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I LOVE walking meditation so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is the day I started. I practiced in my living room, walking back and forth, with my dog swirling at my feet. I did make a number of “dog” mental notes. I found this experience to be very grounding. For me, the mind body connection really helps me quiet all of the noise in my head and focus on sensations. Practicing inside allows me to slow down, something I often struggle with off of the cushion/mat/trail. I concentrated on on each step or touch and then slowed down to feel each sensation. By practicing this way, without labeling each and every passing thought or feeling, my mindfulness increased.

My most memorable walking meditation was at Kripalu during a retreat with Sharon and Stephen Cope. For that session I went outside. It was a beautiful fall day in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. As I walked through the woods it seemed the grass was a little greener and every blade was defined. The colors of fall popped even brighter. I felt a connection with all living beings around me. When I practice walking meditation now, a little bit of my mind goes back to that beautiful place.

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