Day 9 • Sensation Meditation

I woke up very late today, feeling like I had been crushed under a ton of bricks. So today’s Body Sensation meditation was very well timed.

Sharon suggested today that: “This practice gives us an ability to find freedom, whatever is arising and passing away. We can connect to it. We can be aware of it. We can learn from it. Because we’re not fighting against it or being lost in it.”

Meditating on body sensation today took me out of the stories in my head and grounded me in this moment. From a space of open curiosity, I simply witnessed the stiffness in my neck, the heaviness in my lungs, and the intensity of my heartbeat. I set aside the questions of “why today?” and “why me?”. I set aside the drama of “I should have washed my hands better” and “but I have so much to do today”.

By setting aside the mental abstractions and focusing awareness on body sensations, the physical discomfort was not compounded by psychological discomfort. I watched as areas of tightness softened, shifted, and released. I remembered to trust the process, and that “this too shall pass”.

I felt my heart rate slow down and soften, and as I opened my eyes and greet the day, I felt a deep sense of alignment and inspiration in the midst of this unexpected cold.

Like Sharon offered, I did find freedom by aligning with discomfort instead of fighting against it or being lost in it. I learned that stories often create and perpetuate unnecessary stress that only complicates the body’s ability to heal.

What wisdom did this body sensation meditation reveal to you today?

May all beings be happy ♡