Day 9 — Pleasure, Pain and Peace

How many times have I had back pain that I thought would never go away or felt some kind of pain or sensation and worried about what serious condition was causing it, even researching on WebMD and  diagnosing myself with a terminal illness?  How many times was I unable to completely enjoy a happy moment because all I could think about is that this won’t last? How many times have I felt so numb, simply because I didn’t want to feel anything, especially after watching mom for five years with a brain tumor before she passed away?

This meditation today truly helped me realize that all these physical and emotional sensations don’t last.  They are constantly changing. It’s my mind that wants to hold on to them.  I’m either pushing away, clinging to or numbing out.  I’m ready to try something new — being present in every moment for whatever I might be feeling emotionally and physically.  When I’m not pushing away, clinging to or numbing out then life is real.  I’m authentic.  Life is not something to somehow get through, but is a beautiful story unfolding.

May all beings be happy ♡