Day Fifteen…Celebrating the Brahmaviharas

Today I sat with the Broken Ridge Meditation Group in Honolulu at the truly lovely Broken Ridge Temple. The leader, Greg Pai, is an old friend I’ve never met. His mother and mine were thick as thieves. Somehow, I never managed to meet him, we were both adults during their friendship with different paths and so it goes.

He is now, among other things, a wonderful meditation leader and dhamma teacher. I’d not had the chance to sit with his group previously as it’s a little out of the way for me and I don’t own a car. A friend invited me as she wanted to go for this special topic teaching:

Celebrating the Brahmaviharas“.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this special sitting will be devoted to meditating on Lovingkindness or Metta, Compassion or Karuna, Sympathetic Joy or Mudita, and Equanimity or Upekkha.

All in all, we were there for over two hours and I’d have been happy to stay even longer. The temple is beautiful and nestled in the back of a quiet valley. The mountain breezes were cool and I’m glad I dressed warmly. Please keep in mind this is Hawaii so when I say warmly I don’t mean bundled up; just not board shorts and a tank top.

After we closed, I introduced myself to Greg and had a lovely moment or two remembering our mothers. He invited me back and you know what? I think I’ll go.


May all beings be happy ♡