Day Fourteen – Washing…well…not dishes…garden tools among other things

Today I had the opportunity to spend a little over an hour turning soil and fertilizing our rooftop garden at work. A few years ago a number of suggested that we begin using (at least) one of the large planters at work on our roof to garden as a communal activity. We’ve actually been at it for a few years now and it’s a great work project to build unity and have some non-work related fun. Think garden sangha.

So today is the day we picked to finish cleaning out all the old plants (mostly given away in pots) and refresh the soil. I got to spend part of my morning digging. Instead of dishes, I decided to turn this activity into my practice. I can’t say I was successful for the entire hour, but yes, I was able to really dig in (groan) and pay attention to what I was doing.

I’m reminded a bit of the title of the old book, Chop Wood, Carry Water. I remember having a copy of that back in the eighties. Well, I guess my book would be Turn Soil, Shovel…um…no…let just use natural fertilizer. LOL

After all that digging and fertilizing, I got to take a break in my day and go have a hot shower. That was pretty much my morning at work. Not bad for a desk worker.