Day One: Breath Meditation

This type of meditation was the first I ever encountered, in a significant way, at least. I found my way to Jon Kabat-Zinn and his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, and, over the years, it’s been very important in my own life and in my relatively new work as a counselor.

I’m a bad meditator, ha ha! I laugh because I know that a statement like that is practically taboo in the meditation world, especially when self-compassion is at the center of one’s practice, as it is with me—increasingly. What I mean is that I struggle to get a regular practice going. Sometimes I can get a short streak of a few days, but then I lose the thread, sometimes for months. This problem with consistent formal practice bugs me, a lot, but I do keep coming back, and I do find that I’m often able to find my breath and some store of focus, calm, compassion, forgiveness, and mindful observing during the days, when I need it most.

Even so, I know thaf my life is better when I meditate in a more disciplined way, and that’s the main reason I signed up for this 28-day challenge and to blog about the experience as well.

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May all beings be happy ♡