Day Twelve – Eating all day…not so mindfully

Aloha! Okay, so I wasn’t exactly eating all day. But it was not a day for truly mindful eating. I generally fast eighteen hours a day and eat after work until early evening; intermittent fasting. In fact, I usually only eat one meal and then just have a healthy snack here or there. Usually, that meal is at home, and I live alone. Admittedly most of my meals are consumed without a whole lot of awareness, but I do get the opportunity and do sometimes take it.

Not today.

Wouldn’t you know, the day we do mindful eating I was lucky enough to be taken out for lunch for my birthday; actually it was last month, long story. So while it was a delicious lunch meal with a wonderful co-worker, our conversation was more important than really spending time mindfully eating. Yes, both us did taste our food and give it a bit of a go, but mostly we caught up, talked about vacations, and had fun. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

And then…well…I took a friend out for her birthday dinner. Keeping up with the tradition of being late, hers was actually yesterday. Once again it wasn’t a truly appropriate time to drop the conversation in favor of really being with our food. It was a great time with a great friend, but yeah, not a mindfully eaten meal.

So finally, after helping some friends this evening after dinner I finally made it home where I can be alone with food. I made a small cup of yogurt with berries and did complete the challenge today. Yum.

I’m going to try to remember to steal a few moments at every meal to do this…until I forget or get distracted. LOL!

May all beings be happy ♡