Day Twenty-One…didn’t sit as much as…well…planned

The best-laid plans…

Friday was a busy, busy day and I didn’t get the opportunity to sit as much as I’d have liked. Of course, that gave me the opportunity to follow directions and try to practice mindfulness throughout my day in a variety of activities.

I sat in the morning as usual for a total of about 30 minutes. I walked mindfully to work and even managed a ten minute sitting on the roof garden area at work. All good. In the afternoon, after work, I had quite a bit of running around to do; a mentoring session for a mentee in a volunteer organization I’m in and a lovely birthday dinner for a friend.

I spent the mentoring session trying my best to simply be present and really listen to what my mentee was saying. In the end, she’d pretty much solved her own problems without any input from me, then I summed up what I heard her say. Yep.

Then the birthday dinner. My friend is a member of a beachside private club that has a simply wonderful sunset view. We had a great table in great weather on the lanai and within five minutes of sitting down, we were treated to a spectacular sunset. I did my best to be aware of the entire event. Wow.

I’d thought that perhaps I’d sit after dinner when I got home, but sleep overtook me and…zzzz…

May all beings be happy ♡