Day Twenty-Two…remembering the good stuff

Day twenty-two, a Saturday, was one in which I made a lot of time for meditation, and as far as I know, didn’t step on anyone’s toes. Oops, so much for that. I did, but I’m pretty sure it was only the one. That left a pretty good day all the way around.

I meditated for thirty minutes in the morning, including my pre-sunrise walk. Then I did a bit of shopping for health items that improve my life. Next, I was off to my Saturday sangha for what turned out to be about an hour mediation and the same for the following dharma talk. I was amused as on Thursday the dharma talk I heard at the other sangha I attend was on karma and rebirth. Saturday’s dharma talk was on…wait for it…karma and rebirth. Death too. Both.

Afterward, I did a not particularly mindful walk of about ninety minutes to attend a baseball game. And here’s the other good thing I did. As much of a fan of the team as I am, attending games in five decades (omigosh), I left the game early because I was tired and had a speaking engagement early this morning. I didn’t want to cheat the folk who were to listen by being too tired. I got enough sleep. Yes!

It’s great when I can start listening to both what my brain is telling me (and mostly ignore it), and what my body is telling me (and mostly pay attention to it). Yes.

May all beings be happy ♡