Day13 – routine activity

I drink coffee every day. And although it is decaffeinated, I still enjoy it. I switched to decaf when I became pregnant and, well, just never switched back to full strength. Having coffee is a ritual for me.  So for today’s meditation I sat and enjoyed my coffee. I enjoyed making it, smelling the beans, hearing it brew, listening to it pour into my cup, and watching it swirl as I added drop of milk. I’m not sure if these mindfulness meditations bring me the same sense of calm and insight as a sitting meditation, but I do see how they bring more fullness to moment to moment activities. As a new mom, it is easy to go on auto-pilot just to get through the day. But why do I need to “just get through the day”? …I will work at enjoying every moment during the day, even the ones that are difficult, frustrating, and challenging, instead of sort of disconnecting from them and going on auto-pilot. Thank you, Sharon!