Day23 – may i be well

“May I be well. May I be peaceful.”

I did not practice today’s meditation until evening. Typically I have been waking up early to meditate, but last night the baby woke up during the night and then we all slept later than usual. So here I am, before bed, typing this after listening to today’s session.

The listed lovingkindness phrases have really transformed my life. Yesterday I lost my cool and probably should have thought of these phrases more. But after the episode, I did quickly regain my calm and I did acknowledge the situation. Years ago I wouldn’t have normally done that without my meditation practice. And so maybe in a subconscious way these phrases were whizzing in my brain the whole time. And maybe more importantly, I realized wishing the person I was at odds with to be well and happy was difficult but has made me a more compassionate person but without feeling like a welcome mat that someone can just stomp all over. Thank you Sharon for allowing me to keep my integrity but to soften around it instead of hiding behind its hard exterior.