Days 28 & 29; Thank you Sharon Salzberg, thank you Support Team Members, thank you Sangha!

I have very much felt at home within this sangha and I know that many of the insights I had, came so easily because I could open up so widely.
I want to thank all of you very, very much!

These past 29 days have been a further encouragement to continue with the “open retreat”,  I am “in” since January 2015.


I dedicate

observing, studying and investigating

  • momentary mind states and different qualities of the mind,
  • the interdependence and the interconnectedness in and of the phenomenal world,
  • as well as the true nature of phenomena itself,

by practising both formal meditation exercises as well as a consistent training throughout the day,

plus all effort, all insights, all studying of the dhamma incl. listening to dhamma talks,

along with a cultivation of love, generosity & wisdom,

to the good of All.
May we all feel truly at home in our bodies, our minds, our lives & in the world.

A heartfelt farewell to all of you!
Geli 🙂






May all beings be happy ♡