Days 28 & 29; Thank you Sharon Salzberg, thank you Support Team Members, thank you Sangha!

I have very much felt at home within this sangha and I know that many of the insights I had, came so easily because I could open up so widely.
I want to thank all of you very, very much!

These past 29 days have been a further encouragement to continue with the “open retreat”,  I am “in” since January 2015.


I dedicate

observing, studying and investigating

  • momentary mind states and different qualities of the mind,
  • the interdependence and the interconnectedness in and of the phenomenal world,
  • as well as the true nature of phenomena itself,

by practising both formal meditation exercises as well as a consistent training throughout the day,

plus all effort, all insights, all studying of the dhamma incl. listening to dhamma talks,

along with a cultivation of love, generosity & wisdom,

to the good of All.
May we all feel truly at home in our bodies, our minds, our lives & in the world.

A heartfelt farewell to all of you!
Geli 🙂






  • Thank you for the dedication of your practice and to your commitment to blogging about your experience here. We have all benefited from your efforts. May you be happy.

May all beings be happy ♡