The Deepest Sense of Gratitude

I have been so grateful to be part of this month-long, online gathering. It has brought me great insights into areas that might be blind spots for me and a reminder of why I started meditating to begin with. I’ve found new growing edges and a new appreciation for my breath (that as a busy grad student I seem to be holding sometimes).

I am especially grateful for lovingkindness meditation. It helps me stay focused on what my heart is longing to do, the profound impact I want to make in the lives of others…my favorite quote from Hafiz “I will always lean my heart as close to your soul as I can”.

I wish I had words I could pour onto the page that expressed the volume of my gratitude for Sharon and her team for making all this possible. You have my humble thanks for your gift. I intend to carry it with me every day into my life and hopefully into the lives of many.

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