Dishpan Hands

Ever since I decided to live “tiny”, I have been living in small spaces and have forgone having a dishwasher and my own washer and dryer. Washing dishes by hand reminds me of economy of space and time and resources. As I suds my sponge and get the water temperature just hot enough, I feel the usefulness of the implements of eating: How my brown stoneware plate is curved around the edge just enough to keep my food in place, the tines of my fork pointy and long enough to make sure my food makes it into my mouth, and the serration on my knife sharp enough to slice through the crisp tender cauliflower I roasted for dinner. The hot soapy water feels juicy and warm swirling around my wrists. The suds make quick work of the remains of my curry over cauliflower meal. Washing dishes makes me grateful for hot, clean water.

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