Diving past national and religious identity

The intellect is good at slicing.

What is important though is what one draws his identity from.

Getting past ethnic, cultural and religious identity is to be coupled with forgiveness.

I forgave my countrymen, my family, my ex-wife and myself for not knowing any better and I moved to another country.

Simple no grudges, no resentment.

This solved apparently the ethnical and cultural conditioning identification quite swiftly. I figured out that bringing forgiveness for different religious denominations ardously scrutinized by faithful purists would bring more loose relationships with people with which you harbour informal relatedness.

However religious dogma gets deeper than culture and ethnicity and spreads beyond nations.

The Europeans and Americans being in South or North America are in their bones Christians but rarely does it happen they are in their marrow or actually loving human-beings.

The intricate fabric of spiritual commonality that spans over 2 milenia has gotten deep into the ways of relating with each other. Mainly the dominant socio-economic conglomerate that is represented by the anglo-american roots coupled with undeniable scientific and technological progress shape the very way we interact with one another yet the basis of interaction is a certain culture of dependency to political and dogmatic thought so deeply ingrained in the psyche that even when things in the outer world tend to unearth the limits of those views it still justifiable enough for many to go on moving within the same structures finding ever new justifications and elaborate arrangements to keep going the foundations that got us where we are … so to speak stuck.

The nail is so well inserted into the plank that nobody even bothers to remove it and everyone thinks that by rotating the plank every new perspective is a degree of freedom and when they reach in the initial position is usually with a new generation. And here it goes again …

May all beings be happy ♡