If Once You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

This is my mantra most of the time when I meditate. Thankfully, through Sharon’s teaching, I learned early on that losing my ‘concentration’ is an opportunity to begin again – and that’s where the real success comes. It’s that returning to the breath that lets you know you’re back.

I struggle often with judging myself harshly, expecting perfection when all I need to do is just show up for myself. So this week’s meditation on lovingkindness and compassion is spot on. I seem to have no problem extending compassion (most of the time) to others but I  am woefully inadequate when it comes to myself.  After all, I’m strong and stable and just FINE. But then I pause to sit and realize I’m exhausted. Maybe it’s from work or the stress of having aging parents but mostly I think it’s often from trying to keep emotions in check, be ‘in control’, not fail – all those things we strive to be for our friends and family so they don’t have to be that same thing for us.

So this week, I will try to be nice…to myself, for a change.

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