Early Morning Firelight Meditation

For years my meditation spot has been in front of the wood stove at my house.  It’s been an admittedly on- again-off-again meditation practice.  More off than on, for the purpose of full disclosure. But I don’t really worry about that too much now.  Even when I am sitting in the early pre-dawn hours, it’s on again-off again-begin again throughout the meditation.  This morning I tried counting my breath, as Sharon suggested, and was surprised to mainly got to three before my mind wandered.  A little lame!  But I would start again and my realization was, that despite my beginners nature at meditation,  it is still very valuable.  This grounding, centered salve spreads over my body.  I feel steady, even with the thoughts coming in a parade on the count of three.

My favorite part of today’s meditation was the experience of the firelight dancing behind my closed eyelids.  It warmed my heart and was so soothing and sweet. I don’t worry about being perfect or even “good” at meditation anymore.  I have switched over to feeling like showing up to sit is enough.  I have faith that the process works. I need to print this realization a banner and hang it over my door.  Show up!  It’s good enough and it works.  And the banner should have a nice little fire on it to remind me of that delicious early morning meditation time that is so magical.