Eighth Dwarf

Today’s ‘meditation on balance’ contained lovely explanations about the opposing forces encountered during meditation. I really enjoyed listening as it was filled with lots of rich imagery and for a somewhat inexplicable reason, I conjured up an image of snow white and the seven dwarfs.

Maybe I am fidgety dwarf. When meditating, I am restless. When I compose my posture to get set, I never seem to get comfortable. Everything begins to itch and I am compelled to move.

And then starts the chain of events: death grip to remain still, inner critic berates, the attention to each breath seems an eternity (though.. not in the good spacious way)… So, I do relax… I scratch that itch, clear that tickle, and stretch that kink. One day I hope to settle in with greater ease and tolerate the discomfort longer. Perhaps I should do yoga prior to my mediation practice.

Heigh ho. heigh ho… it’s off to join Sharon I go… (I will be attending today’s Equanimity event at Tibet House).


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