Election Season Resources

Post Election Meditation

We’ve reached the end of a long and often ugly election season in the U.S., but at this moment, whether you’re grieving or celebrating, one thing is clear: we need to come together in order to heal and move forward. With that in mind, our friends at Happify asked Sharon to lead a short compassion meditation to remind us of our common humanity, our shared hopes, and how to press onward together.

Free Guided Meditation

Feeling overwhelmed by all the election election related news? You’re not alone! Here’s a short guided meditation from Sharon that you can do anywhere in under two minutes. For additional meditations from Sharon, check out the 10% Happier Election Stress Meditations on their website. MORE MEDITATIONS HERE

10% Happier Podcast

Sharon sat down with Dan Harris on Episode 40 of his 10% Happier Podcast along with David Gelles and JoAnna Harper to talk about Election Stress Disorder. Tune into their conversation about what you can do to combat stress from the election and still remain engaged during this heated political season. Tune in to the episode on iTunes or by subscribing to the podcast. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST



Your Vote Counts

voting-is-an-immense“It’s my belief that those who hold public office and the policies they institute make a real difference in people’s lives even if we are oblivious (or feel removed from the system). For example? I got to go to college because of a NY state regents’ scholarship. I know our system is very, very imperfect, but these are real people who want to go to college or can’t bear to see their child just suffer while they can’t afford treatment. Your vote matters. If not for you, note for them.” – Sharon Salzberg  –  Voting day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016! CHECK YOUR VOTING LOCATION

Transformational Activism Podcast

In Episode 41 of the Metta Hour Podcast, “Transformational Activism with Eric Schneiderman & Ethan Nichtern” Sharon sits down with Ethan Nichtern and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to talk about transformational activism. The three discuss what exactly transformational activism is and how Ethan and Eric have been using the approach to promote positive change in politics. MORE DETAILS HERE

May all beings be happy ♡