every day


i woke up this morning and thought:

i donʻt want to sit meditation today

i do want to sit meditation today

not a new internal debate

itʻs the same every day

and every day i make a decision

science would say

showing up to the cushion to sit

is becoming ingrained in me

a habit

but itʻs more than just that –

joining this community of like-minded people

for the past 28 days

fellow meditators

fellow journey(men) people

fellow travelers on the path

has helped to build a sense of momentum

knowing you all are out there

knowing we sit together

adds to a sweet sense of peace

and encourages commitment

knowing people around the world

at every moment

are joining together

and sharing in the experience of

just one breath

makes it easier

and so i walk to the cushion

and take my seat

breathing in

i begin again.


a deep bow of gratitude to all who have participated in this 28-day challenge. i draw strength from each and every one of you.  mahalo. thank you for that.

may we all be safe.  may we all be healthy.  may we all be happy.  may we all dwell in peace.

and may we all continue to sit together.

right on.


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May all beings be happy ♡