Falling into it or pushing it away

Day 19 is pretty packed. I am going to have to listen to it again, and before I sleep.
The two things that emerged for me this morning was that when we are neither “falling into it or pushing it away” it is the perfect antidote to the stress resulting from the flight or fight response.

The other helpful tip which seems ridiculously obvious yet eluded me was dealing with a “flood” of thoughts. Rather than trying to attempt to untangle them it is ok to cut myself some slack and just say “wow, you got a lot going on in your head right now” and leave it at that with gentle loving kindness. Sometimes it may be useful to explore that pile and cacophony in my head, but if it seems like a insurmountable or anxiety provoking task, it might be best just to acknowledge where I am at and what is happening right now. Having acknowledged it, it gives pause to give extra special attention to what is physically going on around me with added care.