Feb Meditation Challenge 2015 – From Thailand!

Hello from Phayao, Thailand!

I am really happy to participate in the 28 Day Meditation Challenge.  And blogging about it is a great way to deepen the practice and connect with others.  Thank you to Sharon and Ambika and everyone for organizing this!!

I have chosen to work with the book Real Happiness at Work.  Like many people, ‘at work’ is one of the most difficult places for me to feel aligned with my mindfulness practice and highest vision for myself.  I see a lot of room for me to be more present-moment aware, calm, and kind at work, so hopefully this book will make me enlightened in about 26 more days (hehehe).

I really appreciate the way the book starts out, with Balance, recognizing the difference between who we are and what our job is, and with Concentration. 

So, the Concentration section explains the beauty of doing one.task.at.a.time.  I love this!  It actually feels radical.  Oooh!  You mean only one thing?!  I tried today, in my job teaching 6-7 year olds here in Thailand, and I learned that I’m habitually multitasking most of the time.  I will try again tomorrow.

Thanks everyone, and here’s wishing you energy to practice everyday.

<3  Alexandra

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