Fundamental Change

It is hard, almost impossible for me to extend lovingkindness to beings who wish to extinguish life.

But then is this category too broad? After all I am not a vegetarian… maybe I should become one? Should this category then only apply to violent and murderous extremist types, out of sync with my beliefs? How would the context of war factor in to this equation? Maybe there has to be a certain quality of hatred?

I was left with a lot of confusing emotions and deep questions after practicing today’s ‘lovingkindness for all beings’ meditation as I contemplated a more philosophical view pertaining to ‘the value of life.’ This is an incredibly loaded moral, ethical, doctrinal, ideological and social classification.

Going forward when practicing, I will try to remove all judgments and keep it simple and on point. I will try to send the message of lovingkindness to *all* beings, and put trust in its power to connect and transform.


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