Get Inspired- Real Happiness Audio Interview With Sharon Salzberg

The official challenge is over.  You committed. You sat on the cushion. But now the real work begin! Hopefully you’ve kept the meditation going. As time goes on you will experience successes, as well as those moments that are less than stellar reflections of what you’d hoped to accomplish. Remember its a practice, not a perfect.  So, maybe you are getting into the zone while at home, or while alone, or some other ideal situation.  But what about during those moments that are less conducive to pulling out a cushion, sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes?  For a vast majority of people, work is one of those challenges.

I invite you to join me in continuing to persevere, albeit sometimes stumble along,  as I continue the commitment.  As WE push on together, you may find some morsels of inspiration in Sharon Salzberg’s ideas on achieving “Real Happiness at Work.” Click here for audio

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May all beings be happy ♡